Monday, August 29, 2022

130 Card: flowers or Not a Card: anything goes

We offer 2 challenge options each week! 

1. For the CARD option, each week will have a theme

2. For the NOT A CARD option, always anything goes (except a card)
    Make anything you want that's not a card, and it does NOT have to follow the card theme!

Here are some ideas:
  • scrapbooking, tags, treat holders, Christmas ornaments, cupcake toppers
  • banners, Halloween Treat Bags, crochet, cross stitch, ATCs, 
  • 3D (can include box cards in this since they are 3D decorations too)
  • planners, pocket letters, junk journals, painting, Rolodex, mini albums
  • stationary, art, boxes, gifts, paper bag creations
  • .... anything you create that's not a card

Card theme: flowers
Not a card: anything goes 

Thanks for playing along this week!

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  1. Sorry my card seems to have gone through twice, there was a bit of a glitch while I was posting and I don't know how to remove it :(


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